Saturday, May 14, 2011


A quilting trip to Salt Lake City is not complete without my two good friends Stephanie and Laurie. We only had to drive an extra 5 hours to pick up Laurie. (My husband seems to like that is a big deal.)

HMQS was fantastic! I had the opportunity to take some wonderful classes.

My first class was "Quilting in the Dark" with Dustin Farrell. Believe it or not, the class really was in the dark. Dustin quilted with the aid of a black light. It was amazing! He is a very talented fellow and he opened up my eyes to try something new. Dustin encouraged everyone to play and he made that play so fun. Imagine turning off the lights, listening to your favorite music and doodling on your longarm. (I was lucky enough to be able to take home part of his sample.

One of Dustin's quilts recently won best of show at MQX East.

The thread just glowed under the black light.

Dustin also likes to draw in a sketch pad. Can you imagine doodling like this?

Irena Bluhm makes some wonderful whole cloth quilts that she colors with pencil crayons and seals the color with some kind on medium.. Often she put bugs on her quilts. Not your average everyday bugs, but beautiful stylized ones from her imagination.

I took at class from Irena and learned how to make my own bugs. My first attempt was a scary but it turned out alright. Now I will have to try it using my quilting machine.

Many of you have made a "Disappearing Nine Patch" quilt. My next instructor, Mary Anne Ciccotelli added a twist to it. She called her quilt " Disappearing Rainbow" Can you guess why?

This quilt is so bright and cheery! And so easy to make. Mary Anne also did a presentation on 6 generations of her family and the quilts that they made. It was great!

Every year I try to take a class from Carmen Geddes. She is wonderful teacher and her classes are relaxing. She is never in a hurry even if she has 30 people in her class. This year she taught a class on using QuiltSmart. QuiltSmart is a foundation that allows you to make difficult patterns very easily. We made this Black Eyed Susan design. Can you believe curved piecing can be fun!

I also took a class from Vicki Shetter. She makes some wonderful family history type quilts that contained photos and other memorabilia. They were almost like scrapbooking with fabric. I was so interest in the class, I forgot to take pictures.

The quilt show was amazing. Here are a few quilts that I really liked. There are so many talented quilters

Well Sue McCarty did it again! Her quilt took best of show.! It is thread, all thread. She does amazing work. 

The quilt show had a section of pictoral quilts that were very beautiful.

This quilt is a picture of someone at the Hawaii Temple.

This farmer quilt was really large. It looked about 7 or 8 feet wide. When you looked at it, it almost looked like a photograph. I really liked this one.

This was my favorite pictoral quilt. I would have sworn that the seals were real. I wanted to reach out and touch them.

Of course there we traditonal quilts too.

No trip is complete without doing some research. As a family history buff, I like to visit cemetaries in the cities I visit. This time we went to the Salt Lake cemetary. where I looked for prominent LDS leaders.

I saw the nicest headstone that included the decease's family history. If I was doing family history on this family it would have been a great find. There definitely was some thought put into this marker.

After a week of fun, it was time to head home. Good bye HMQS! See you until next year.

I don't think we shopped quite enough. We still had a bit of room left.

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  1. You do a beautiful job on your quilts, is there any way you could show me how you made the Disappearing Nine Patch. I know how to make one but not how to set up the squares so they look like the rainbow, also the black squares, they are awesome.