Wednesday, February 1, 2012

MyAccuquilt Studio

I'm so excited! My Accuquilt Studio cutter arrived a few weeks ago and I'm having so much fun using it. If you have never heard of Accuquilt, it is a die cutting system that will allow you to cut up to 10 layers of fabric at once accurately and easily. And there are over 400 different dies you can purchase.

I have been wanting to reduce my fabric scrap pile a bit so I've been taking my smaller pieces of fabric, adding fusible web to them and then cutting hearts for an applique quilt. It is so fun! In what seemed like only moment, I had cut over 75 prefect hearts.

I purchased quite a few different dies for my Accuquilt Studio cutter and I can hardly wait to try them all out.  I won't go into all the dies but here are a few you might be interest in.

 The Bread and Butter Dies allow me to cut out shapes that are most often used in 12 inch quilt blocks. It even has a strip cutter which cuts 5- 2 1/2 inch strips at once.

The Rag to Riches set will allow me to cut Rag quilts with the fringes already cut for you.

The Drunkard's Path set allows me to cut 4 blocks of Drunkard's path at once.

The Rose of Sharon die set was designed by a Canadian by the name of Sharon Pederson.( Some years ago our guild had Sharon in to teach a workshop. She was awsome! ) The Rose of Sharon die cuts five sizes of roses, two leaves and three sizes of circles.

This set is called Take 5. It makes a wonderful quilt similar to the
Turning Twenty quilts that have been popular over the last few years. This die set will allow you to whip up a quilt quickly. It would be perfect for gift giving or a charity quilt.

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