Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I thought you might like some inspiration! Here are a few quilts I saw at the Salt Lake Quilt Show.

This is the maker of the Best of Show!  You might recognize the quilt. It is on the cover of June/July Quilters Newsletter magazine. The quilt is called "America Let It Shine" and the  makers name is Sherry Reynolds. Check out Quilters Newsletter to read the article and see her amazing piecing and quilting. And it was done on her home sewing machine!

This quilt was on the brochures etc for HMQS. The theme was "Star Spangled".

This Amish syle quilt had beautiful quilting.

Ever wondered what else you could do with quilts? This vender made the most beautiful footstools from them.

This quilt of Jack Nicolson was so real looking.  The maker must have been a real fan!

Couldn't you fall in love with this little girl?

Sunflowers make me happy! These ones are beautiful.

Many people start these quilts but many don't ever finish. This one is spectacular!

Scrap quilts are my favorite . This one was really nice.

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